Actually healthy. Incredibly delicious.
From mountain springs. From the best chiefs. Delivered to your door and ready in minutes.
Ready-to-cook natural dishes from gourmet fish artesian springs in the Ararat Valley
Organic, carefully selected ingredients
Fresh FILLET of gourmet fish grown in mountain springs from the top of the biblical Mount Ararat
Possibility to easily prepare a restaurant dish in 10 minutes
We cook by hand to preserve the taste of real natural food as much as possible
We have no hidden sugar, bread and fat for softness and other technological tricks
We have been creating fish delicacies since 1996
Let's start with good clean fish
We create the freedom to be with loved ones and live life, focusing on the main things
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Рубленное филе свежевыловленной форели, лук, яйца, специи, устричный соус, панировка.
Упаковка 200 гр., 4 шт.
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Our clients love us
My love for Artezianica products began with the fact that it takes a maximum of 15 minutes to prepare a dinner. The variety of semi-finished products makes it possible to serve dishes for different tastes of all family members. And most importantly, all products are healthy, natural, without unnecessary additives and preservatives. Dumplings are my special love!
Thank you very much ARTEZIANICA for the excellent selection of fish semi-finished products! My culinary skills leave much to be desired, and how nice it is that your various fish helps to eat at home like in a restaurant! I adore you!

Highly recommend ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
We are a leading manufacturer and exporter of black and red caviar, sturgeon and trout, as well as natural fish delicacies of the Republic of Armenia.
Узнать всё о нашей продукции и посмотреть красивые фото наших рыбок и Араратской долины, вот здесь:
You can agree on deliveries to retail chains and HoReCa here:
We control our product starting from the grain of caviar
We have our own production that meets international food safety standards
Own logistics proved over the years
Direct deliveries to the main federal networks of Russia
We use only natural recipes in principle
Own processing workshop and a professional team of chef, technologist and product managers
We offer fish, including in the form of fillets and steaks agreed in size, which reduces the time and human costs of restaurants, and also eliminates the need to maintain a procurement shop
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