Universe 25
The ethologist John Calhoun, NIMH, the US
Experiment Universe 25 (A mice paradise)

The gain of experiment: the prediction of human future in condition of overpopulation.

The result: all mice died.

New term: behavioral sink

Ideal conditions for mice
(9500 - food, 6144 - water, 3840 - apartments).

Phase A - the exploration (8 mice)
Phase B - the exploit period, doubling every 55 days
Phase C - doubling every 145 days, about 600 mice, a hierarchy and some social life, "outcast" category.
Phase D - "beautiful" category

in 1780 on the day after the start of the experiment died last occupant "mouse paradise."
the theory of the two deaths
It was the twenty-fifth attempt of the scientist to create a haven for mice and all previous test resulted in the death of rodents ..
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